Monday, 29 June 2009

A bit of everything...

This week I have learned lots of things. Babies can wee powerfully, psychics cannot predict the deaths of their friends, and Bruce Springsteen is, apparently, a top bloke.

Currently I am changing nappies at a rate of a minimum of about 6 x 2 a day and I am starting to question my previous musings about disposable nappies and the environment. We are filling our new, larger city council wheelie bin at a faster rate than I ever imagined. Maybe when I get this parenting lark under control we will sit down at look at some greener options as currently, my carbon footprint is resembling that left by a man wearing clown's shoes climbing out of an aeroplane on his way to buy a burning oil field.

Being on paternity leave has made me watch news a little less as I try to concentrate on fatherhood. But the Jacko stuff was largely unavoidable. My boss twittered his blog of how the Leicester Mercury had changed up a front page which made me a little jealous that I was not at work. Also if anyone ever asks where I was when I heard MJ had died, I will be able to say with some confidence that I was elbow deep in dirty nappies as I tried to get G. and J. to sleep. I heard the news (unconfirmed reports) on Radio 5 Live. They managed to get hold of Uri Geller, who was "shocked" at his friend's death. Surprised he did not see it coming, but hey.

As I now never go out I watched most of Glastonbury on BBC3/BBC2. The clips in between the music of the other events taking place at the festival are very annoying. It means less live performances aired by musicians. I'm all for arts and theatre but some of the things I saw were ridiculous, largely organised by rich white kids sporting dreadlocks holding dogs on string.

Musically, I have always disliked Bruce Springsteen. His sound is too dirty/rocky/white American for my Mod ideals, however I thought his performance was fantastic. He did two and a half hours of engaging music, prancing around like a teenager, belying his 60 years and grinning like a bloke who had swallowed a coat hanger. Earlier he had joined newcomers and Bruce soundalikes The Gaslight Anthem on stage, playing with excitement and vigour. I twittered this as the moment of the festival so far (as a TV viewer at least) to #Glastonbury - which got quite a positive reaction.

Neil Young, Tom Jones, Status Quo and Madness all did great performances too and there were some great new acts. Leicester's own Kasabian were great and Tom wore a jacket with strawberries on given to him by Steve Marriott's daughter. Presumably it used to belong to the Small Faces icon.

Finally, today there has been plenty of TV news coverage about the weather, it's hot. This country cannot cope with anything other than lukewarm. Snow = standstill. Rain = events cancelled. Heat = Armageddon or death to the elderly and melting roads. For a nation so obsessed with the weather, you would have thought that we would appreciate it more. Even the new roof being used for the first time at Wimbledon drew an Ooooh! from the crowd. Could rant further, but I've just been told that there is another nappy that needs changing...

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