Monday, 6 June 2011

Back in training

Usually I come back off holiday refreshed and raring to go but unfortunately my break was quite a test as the boys did not sleep well during our stay in Richmond/Twickenham. I think Sara and I averaged about four and a half hours sleep a night.

I had committed myself to not going running and concentrating on looking after my boys and my nieces despite being near the beautiful Marble Hill Park, so I had not been running for almost two weeks.
I was really looking forward to the gym today and doing a 10km session on the treadmill but yesterday I stood on a shard of glass at the Riverside Festival in Leicester, which went through my trainer and punctured my foot.
I scrapped my gym plans and it felt pretty sore walking to work today.
I'm not going to run tomorrow, I might make it out for a road run on Thursday. It is all hugely frustrating.
Before my holiday I achieved a PB for 5km of just under 24 minutes. I now feel less confident about doing it again soon.
I have read conflicting reports of how quickly we lose fitness, but I'm guessing with a sore foot and at least 16 days without training it's going to take a while to get back to where I was.
I'm really finding running a psychological test as well as a physical one. To that end I'm really surprised how much the activity has got its hooks in me.
Last week I decided to blog more, mainly about my progress so I could keep a diary, and follow a running challenge between now and my next holiday in eight weeks time, in order to improve my speed and lose some more weight.
It hasn't started well, but on the plus side, things can only get better!

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