Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The appeal of Curb Your Enthusiasm is largely down to the viewer's empathy with the central character Larry David. Sometimes he is perceived to be something he is not.
On the way home today, I was moaning to my wife in the car that Dj's on radio stations with Australian accents are nothing other than people with Australian accents. Simply having an accent does not make you cool. However, being the decendant of a Victorian criminal does make you cool - but they never like talking about that. We sent them our thieves, rapists and murderers, we get their radio presenters. A fair swap I guess...
Anyway I went on to add that everyone at the BBC is in someway related to someone else who also works at the BBC, hence they all have the same surname, i.e Dimbleby or Snow. At this point two people were crossing the road (in Vaughan Way) and talking an age to do so. Dressed like a chavs, one go across slightly before the other. We had to slow down for the second crosser, which was annoying. As I was mid-rant to my wife after a hard day at the office, and not paying attention, the red mist came down. I hit the horn of the car and wound down the window to shout "get out of the way you "F*****g P***k" (I am very brave in a moving vehicle). He looked at me, clearly hurt by what I had said, and then pointed at his legs. He was disabled and could not walk properly. His friend also started shouting abuse at me, words to the effect that I was an "Ignorant W****r", fair enough. However they should have waited for the traffic lights and crossed with the "green man". It was not my fault, yet I feel really bad. If he ever reads this blog, I hope he gets the message: "its your own stupid fault, you should have waited for the lights, especially if you cannot walk fast. But I am sorry for calling you a F*****g P***k." Larry David, sometimes I know exactly how you feel.

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  1. The only thing I take issue with here is that you'd had a "hard day at the office".